Gameplay: Only uses the mouse! 

  1. Click the incoming tickets along the top as customers put in their orders.
  2.  Get their sweets prepared according to their order ticket!
  3.  Beware, you have to manage the money at the register to keep your financials in order.

You are the proud owner and operator of The Cold Roller: one of the busiest ice cream trucks in town. Don't let the sun win by overheating your customers. Keep them cool and you can keep doing business.

Ticket Types:

  • Ice Cream: Scoop the right flavor and make sure to get it onto the cone neatly
  • Soda: Fill up the cup, but don't make a mess by overfilling it
  • Popsicle: Grab the popsicle the customer is asking for from the cluttered freezer
  • Coins: Put all of the coins in the right bins at the cash register

Game Notes:

  • If the thermometer on the right maxes out, the game ends.


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So fun and polished! Great job!