A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Click and hold left click to aim:

Hold left click again after throwing to let the Teleball interact with the environment:

Created with:

  • Unity
  • Pyxel Edit
  • FL Studio
  • FMOD

If you don’t finish the game and are curious about the ending, watch the video playthrough to see it :)

All sound effects were made by us during the jam using synthesizers and household items except for the collision with pink sticky platforms and the teleport sound effect (we tried really hard on the teleport one, but threw in the towel!)


  • (8/14/2018) Hopefully fixed issues with MacOS audio
  • (8/14/2018) Fixed some sprite textures at the beginning of the game to properly match their collision behavior


Eventful Horizon Windows.zip 27 MB
Eventful Horizon MacOSX.zip 32 MB
Original Soundtrack

Development log

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