Picking a game is hard

For some reason, it took us forever to actually decide on the game we wanted to do.  I don't know if it was because none of us were huge fans of the theme, or if the creative juices weren't as much in flow last night.  But we spent at least 3 and a half hours discussing without really coming up with anything solid that we all wanted to work on.  It hasn't been the longest design session we've had at the beginning of a game.  That belongs to Tanxz in which we spent until midnight and more discussing what the game would actually be.  So, at least we got some good programming time in last night before bed.

At the moment, our idea consists of a boat that the player has the ability to move around within.  Cargo will be dropped from above in tetrimino shapes.  The player then has to maneuver to the edges of the ship to make room for more pieces coming down.  Think tetris, but the pieces fall into the middle of the play area and you are trying to organize the pieces to the outside of the play area.

We will have a star rating system for each level that a specific score must be reached in order to get three stars.  Our hope is to have enough levels to justify a level select screen as well.  It seems though that the programming challenge of this game should be much smaller than some of our past entries.  That will hopefully allow us to spend a lot more time in the polish phase and get a decent number of levels out there.

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